Patent No. 4 - 2012 - 500961
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UV Invisible Ink
3D Hologram Tamper Sticker
Security Warranty Sticker

Cannot Copied by Color Copier

this Ink is invisible in the naked
eyes but only visible when placed
under UV Blacklight

Ideally used for:

Universities Diploma
Transcript of Record
Maritime Training Certificates
Gift Certificates
Concert Tickets
Bank Cheques
Official Receipts
Product Packaging

Easy to identify, Hard to Imitate

is the 3D laser printed, and has the ability to see around the behind objects in a different angles.

IIdeally used for:

Pharmaceutical Products
Universities/ Colleges Diploma
Transcript of Record
Maritime Training Certificates
Company ID Badges
Clothing Hang-tags
Electronics Components
Bank Financial Bond Shares Certificates

Void / Destructible Security Sticker

the word VOID appears when removed.

sticker will damage into pieces by pieces every time you peel off.

Ideally used for:

Pharmaceutical Products
Clothing Hang-tags
Electronics Components
Product Packaging

Philippine 1st in
Anti-counterfeiting &
Tamper Evident Solutions


First Phil-Ink Enterprises
(FPI) was formerly known as Quantum Physics Laboratory.

It was in 1991 when we became the first producer of Invisible Security UV Ink in the Philippines and which was humbly distributed to our various dealers who are engaged in supplying banks with security products & supplies and others, up to the present time.

Presently...We have introduced more innovative products that are vital to the sanctity and security of documents, products which would prevent if not all together eliminate fakery, imitation and forgery of important documents by using combined different kinds of Document Security Technology Solutions.

Printing of
Diploma, TOR
and Certificates
with security features
such as UV Invisible Ink
3D Laser
Tamper Proof
Hologram Sticker.

view sample hereerfeit

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10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Monday - Friday

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Security Products:

UV Invisible Ink Marking
Hologram Tamper Sticker
Security Warranty Sticker
Void Security Sticker
Destructible Security Sticker

Printing Services:

Label Sticker Printing
PVC Magnetic Stripe

Clear Sticker
Silver Aluminum Sticker


How UV Invisible Ink work
Layers of Security of Hologram

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Diploma and TOR and Certificate printing with Security Features UV Invisible Ink and Hologram Sticker. Diploma with security features manila quezon city.