Document Security Printing

Cannot Copied by Color Copier
this Ink is invisible in the naked eyes but only visible when placed under UV Blacklight

Ideally used for:
– Universities Diploma
– Transcript of Record
– Maritime Training Certificates
– Gift Certificates
– Concert Tickets
– Bank Cheques
– Official Receipts
– Product Packaging

3D Hologram Tamper Proof Sticker

Easy to identify, Hard to Imitate
is the 3D laser printed, and has the ability to see around the behind objects in a different angles.

Medium Security Level
1. Mirror Lens
2. Kinetic Movement
3. Guilloche
4. Tamper Evident
5. Microtexting
6. Serial Numbering

High Security Level
1. Mirror Lens
2. Kinetic Movement
3. Guilloche
4. Tamper Evident
5. Microtexting
6. Serial Numbering
7. Infrared
9. Mirror Lens

Security Tamper Proof Stickers

Void / Destructible / Tamper Proof Security Sticker
the word VOID appears when removed sticker will damage into pieces by pieces when peel off.

Ideally used for:
– Pharmaceutical Products
– Clothing
– Hang-tags
– Electronics Components
– Product Packaging

Car Pass Sticker with Security 3D Hologram

A unique and secured car pass sticker for your subdivisions, villages, clubs with a 3D Hologram Sticker to protect imitations

Ideally used for:
– Villages
– Subdivision
– Condominium
– Parking Pass
– Motorcycle / Car Club

Large Format Digital Advertising Printing Services

Printing of Label Sticker, Sticker Cintra Board, Signboard, Backlit, Banner, Backlit, Poster, Tarpaulin, Sticker Decal Cut Out, Vehicle Sticker Wrap, Canvas, Wall Sticker, Acrylic Direct Printing, UV Printing, , Magnetic Sheet.

Offset Printing

– Brochure
– Letterhead / Certificate
– Diploma Holder
– Diploma / TOR
– Calling Card
– Label Sticker
– Packaging Box

Canvas Printing

A Picture Paints a thousand words

– Canvas Printing, Painting like finished.
– Ready to hang display
– Alcohol Proof
– Water Proof
– Vivid Color
– Permanent Color
– Can be wash

Office Supplies & Corporate Giveaway

– Bond paper
– Folder
– Envelope
– Ballpen
– UV Lights
– Diploma Holder
– Packaging Tape
– File Storage Box

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